Life is the existence of an individual human being
life is the prove that we are living in this world.

being out of life means that you are dead


What life holds for you??

I woke up with swollen eyes
my head pinned to my pillow with throbbing pain
unable to move my limbs
and my heart arch so bad
I was so devastated with life
life has been so unfair to me
I have giving up living

I could not see the purpose of me living in this world anymore
so, i took the most foolish act
to get out of life

i still remember that feeling
I closed my eyes, the pain has gone, my head became so quiet and the only sound i heard was my own heartbeats, beating slowly
calming but destructive
and somehow i realize that i still need "life"
life never reject me

i was the one who did not understand life
that day, life taught me the most important lesson : stay alive

from that moment, I see life differently
if you ask me what is life means for me ,
my answer would be :

Life is magic
Life is love
Life is happiness
Life is balance
Life is precious gift given by Allah to weak creatures like us

sometimes, you'll find yourself been dragged down , beaten hard
you'll find yourself drowning
unable to breathe
life can be very harsh towards you
but remember one thing,
life is teaching you a lesson
accept it wholeheartedly
be a forgiver, forgive yourself
be brave, be strong , be positive
you'll get through it

honestly, im still struggling to understand life
but I keep on telling myself, I am not giving up to live my life to the fullest
I'll take all the risks,
I'll fall in love as deep as I could
I'll cherish each and everyone who touch my heart
I'll work my a** out to achieve my goals in life
I'll keep on smiling and radiating all the good vibes to all

no matter how my life treat me,
I will always stay as the same Shakira
(but maybe little bit wiser :P )

*Shakira Sulong*


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