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body experiment

i gained 3kg and i have one big fat as*!!

Yay, i know i suppose to be happy about it because ive been waiting (for years) to break the 50kg limit. Now im a proud 53kg-ian *evil laugh*

Well, actually ive been experimenting with my body again.
I just want to know how fast i can gain weight if i stop working out ( regularly)
Ive been eating ALOT lately and sometimes i ate lunch twice or pretty late dinner.

and today, i realise this is not the life i wanted
I do enjoy eating all the junk ( junk in my definition is something not healthy like fried food, meaty , fatty stuff ect.  ) but i hate the guilty feeling after ive consume all the stuff.
i feel like a fat-unattractive-flabby-woobly-shakira . I just give myself 3 weeks & im giving up the junk stuff...

im back with grill stuff and those weird fruits veggie combinations
i gotta work my as* out to get back my 6 packs that already turn into 1.. hahaha
to my pants, dont worry.... you'll snuggle with me soon.
It a fun experiment... …

Dream catcher

It's so real. You are real. You touch my face and all the pain gone.  You hold my hand and kiss me on the forehead. Whisper to my ear how much you love me.  You hold me close to your body, I could feel your warm breath on my skin.   You look right into my eyes. Without you saying a word I know how much you love me.. There is no words but all of the loving gestures . 
And there is a soft music playing on the background . 
Your hand at my hips, and we started moving slowly following the rhythm. You are smiling at me. Your eyes still lock to mine. 
Im weak.  I want to hold you tighter  I don't want to lose you. 
But I don't know you You are not the familiar face ive seen before  But I think I'm falling for you.
I hate the fact that I gonna wake up and will forget your face  
I wanna stay with you  I wanna be here with you  I wanna be in your arms 
But I know this is mere a dream  The feeling is temporary 
Somehow, I hope you will be there holding my hand when im wake up.... 
a Dreamer Shakir…