LGBT : The Rainbows :)

first and foremost, you need to understand that 
Im not a homosexual ! 
Whatever written here is solely how i feel about homosexual as a person 
I am not trying to brainwash you guys or trying to imply anything here 
As much as i know how sensitive this issue to our community (especially to Malay) , I still feel that you all need to at least try to understand what make them who they are. 
I also aware that Islam disapprove homosexual.
but for few minutes, just try to see this issue as a human 
and remember, only Allah / God can judge us & decide if we are a sinner or not 
so please, for a moment read this with an open heart 


As some of you may notice, FB was flooded with rainbows color for the past few weeks. 
For some reasons, people start talking about LGBT, human rights, god wrath and bla bla ... 
before I go any further, 
LBGT is an initialism that stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender 
the rainbow flag  represents the diversity of gays and lesbians around the world
we know that Religions world wide condemn LBGT 
people worldwide will remark them "permanent resident in Hell" 
let me give you some insight of my thoughts : 
People around the world face violence & inequality and the worst part is torture. 
because of what they believe 
because of what they love
because of what they want in life 
because of who they are 
without we ourselves realize, we contribute to this continuous torture 

We tend to find the little mistakes done by others but we failed to see the biggest mistakes we made
 We tend to do comparison how good we are compare to others
but for once, have you ever spend a minute just to think that actually we all are  same?? 

each and everyone in this world just want to be a better person 
to keep on improving & growing 
because it is human nature 

So, let me ask you. 
what make you are better than LBGT? 
because you are straight and because you are guaranty will go to heaven when you die?? 
if that is your answer, you should stop reading now ! 
I am aware that there are verses in Al-Quran referring to LGBT.
Some of you may know the people of Lut & the city which was turned upside down because they practice sodomy & homosexuality 
Yes, LGBT is one of the biggest sin ( not only in Islam but for Christianity as well) 

but again, 
who are you to label someone is a sinner or not?? 
are you so sure that you are sin-free?? 

let me ask you another question
How much you know about your religion ??

You maybe never once skip your 5times/day Solat or you never miss your Sunday Church 
but my question is, how much you understand your religion?? 
you maybe a pious man but your heart filled with anger & hate 
you could be a Munafiq, a hypocrite who outwardly practices Islam while inwardly concealing his disbelief , perhaps even unknowingly

In Religions , they promote peace, forgiveness, support , understanding, comfort , foundation & everything a human need to become a better person 
 for LBGT, 
community lash out them , religions disapprove them 
Who is going to listen to them?? 
Who is going to understand their feelings?
Who they should turn to? 

as a human, what would you do if everyone in this world reject you?? 
you feel sad, you feel depress, you feel unwanted, you'll get bullied 
for those who have a strong will, they will survive
but what happen to kids or adolescence who are still confused?? 
  they shut down themselves, the sometimes choose to end their life because the world reject them.

what if the kid is someone close to you ? 
Are you rather lose him/her by ignoring or you'll help him/her to go through the toughest phase??
this is when understanding your religion is a big deal.
 I believe sexual orientation is something we born with. For some people, its a choice. 
Normally the kids who having this issue getting confused with themselves & first instinct to do is to find someone reliable to talk to.
but try look at our community, what kind of hoax you'll get once you openly declare that you are LGBT?
out of nowhere, there will be some Ustaz or preacher stood at you porch try to read all sort of verses & telling you all the scary punishments you will get afterlife by being a LBGT
and your FB walls will be flooded with the instant Ustaz & Ustazah that condemn you 
So, the boy choose to keep it silence & continue living as nothing happened 
but the pain keep on burning inside & eventually eating him from inside

What if 
the situation is different 
 a kid confess that he is LBGT 
and we try to understand his situation. Instead of judging him, we listen to what he is saying 
Instead of recjecting him, we accept him for who he is, We provide him comfort , We guide him , We pray for him.
Islam is a monotheistic religion like Judaism and Christianity, and like those religions, it teaches that God created the whole universe and everything in it. God is the master designer who put order and purpose in his creation, and he rules over it with compassion and mercy. Everything in creation depends upon God, the Sustainer, for its existence. The purpose of all creation, including humans, is to love and serve God.
The Quran stresses the mercy and compassion of God, and the words "merciful" (rahmah) and "compassionate" (rahim) come from the same root, rahma, which carries the meaning of forgiveness, and abundant mercy that sustains, protects, and rewards

The person who receiving so much love would not be lead by hatred 
We have no power to change human heart 
but we can always make Dua to Allah 
We could show an example of a good muslim 
People will attracted to something good

Never ever forget that 
only Allah could give Hidayah to anyone He wanted to
There is nothing wrong by being a good muslim and accepting LGBT
You dont have to be mean to them 
Just be a Muslim who is full of compassion & forgiveness 
 Dont worry, whatever you do Allah knows.
Allah will help His servant who asking for His help 
Only thats matter 
 People will judge you anyway
Just keep on spreading the love, peace & forgiveness 
that will make the world is better place to live in 

and to LGBT,
there are people will say all the nasty stuff to you or rejecting you
but remember 
there are always people who are going to listen to you too
even you feel hopeless, just remember God is always be with you 
dont ever stop hoping 
There always 2 sides of story, 
you choose which once suit you the best 

*little thoughts of* 
~Shakira Sulong ~


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