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new chapter

It has been a year since he choose his own path. From the very 1st day i knew about his "game" i tried my best to win him... but at the end of the day, ive giving up trying to safe the most precious thing in my life, my marriage. Demi Allah, i love him with all my blood in my veins but i believe Allah has a better plan for me.

Yes, im heartbroken. Yes, i cried for days ( months )... but every beginning will have an end
Maybe its not an "end" im hoping for our relationship, but who am i to argue to the Mighty Power Above??

Months has passed, i am a different person now ( I hope in a good way J )
i started to meet new people, do new stuff, learn new skills .... i feel my self growing... hopefully to become a better me.

Along the way, there were ups & downs ... and im lucky enough to have few supportive friends that never once giving up on me.
and somehow, i can feel myself open up to people around me.

I dont know if im ready to allow a someone special to enter my…