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comeback !

Hello 2016 !!

I know , I know im 2 months late... hahaha
Soooooo many things happened since my last post about LGBT  .... That was July 2015 and today is almost end of Feb 2016.

Well, the most obvious thing happened was IM MARRIED to a total stranger. Alhamdulillah ( Praise to Allah) who arrange our meeting until our somenization & InsyaAllah this LOVE will stay forever till Jannah... Aminnn

Dont worry, I'll write up little bit bout Fadd in separate post.

Well, the boulder rolling fast since i met Fadd  ('-__-) ... really really fast. Here the "trajectory" of what happened in 5 months - ( justification to my MIA )

~ KAWIN ~ 
After some discussion between our family, we decided to get married. sound simple je kan.  BUT can you imagine to do all the preparation within a month  from Zero to a wedding only in a month.  The best part was, Fadd is outstation to a place where internet connection is macam haram  Im lucky to have a crazy Sis In Law ( dila) who help…