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hello readers ... 
its was a looong 4 days weekend !! and i already feel bored on the 2nd day. Ive been planning to do lot of stuff since last week, but it seem all my plans dah kelaut.... 
This entry kinda disturbing for some people. I cant stop you from judging me , hate me or just simply love me :) 
im currently listening to Sam Smith, stay with me & i feel kinda jiwang right now. 
sekali dengar to his song, cm giler romantic mamat nih... but actually its all about 1 night stand-stuff 
"this ain't love, its clear to see but darling please stay with me"
the question is, will you spend a night with someone random ( read : stranger ) and fall in love so deep and want that person to stay forever by your side ?? 
maybe for Sam Smith, its a love at the first sex ( read : sight).  -______-
worry not, we are not going to discuss about the " S" word :) 
i had a conversation with a friend of mine quite a while ago.  we talked about the unconditional love
what i…