Journey : Career change

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم

Big hello to my fellow readers !

I wonder if my readers are still available. Cant blame them, Im the lazy one to update my blog. Huh, can't believe how fast the time flies, its already September, approaching October. Just couple of months before 2017 say hello to all of us.

My previous post kinda sum up what had happened to my life, the little & the massive changes (in ONLY 5 months) .
above all, Im glad i took the path that lead me to what i am today.

alriite y'all , lets cut short the intro (which i really suck at it -__- )

As some of you may know, the biggest & the most challenging decision I have made was to quit my stable job ( that pay quite well ) and becoming a full time housewife. yeah, a career change indeed (>__<).

Trust me babe, that was not an easy decision. I know most of the working lady/mom out there would love to take up my current job : a housewife.
However, there also some people back home think I'm just a burden to Fadd ( which really hurt me a lot -- makes me feel like a totally useless wife, do nothing at home but dig up my husband's money)

I'm facing a few struggles in the first few months. It was really fun in the first few weeks until the boredom hits me. Im a "always-on-the-go" kinda person. Can you imagine i moved to a foreign place where the internet is always giving me hard time, far from my friends, far from my family, far from everything familiar. My life was literally surrounded by 4 walls & my only happy time is when Fadd is home (and i rant a lot to him) 

I've become an unhappy Shakira, always complaining & get really emotionally cranky. I cried for the smallest thing & always give Fadd a hard time. Things getting worst when people back in Malaysia start asking why I'm not trying to apply any job here in Oman ( which i sent my resume to almost all job vacancy available here but never get any reply from them or they just simply reply "oh, we need a man for this position " duh ! ---> really add up to my frustration).

After many episode of crazy breakdowns, both of us got really tired & frustrated. Fadd decided to give me a break from everything & asked me if I wanted to go back home. I cried (again) because i never wanted to be separated from him. Im a clingy wife after all (-___-) . Then I realise the actual problem is me not accepting the fact that my life will never be the same once I said yes to marry Fadd.

Accepting a stranger to be part of your life & adapting to a different lifestyle of living is never an easy thing to do. So, i learn to compromise. I learn to see things differently. I learn that changes doesn't mean end of everything. Ive stopped bang on the wall, instead i find a way to make things work. I started to change my relationship with Allah & somehow it improve my relationship with Fadd ( and life ). 

and a news of new family member will be joining us soon (InsyaAllah) really makes me mellow down ( allooooot :P). My view on being a housewife has change. Yeah, sometimes words from others still hurt me but now i feel much stronger & Fadd always remind me the sacrifices Ive made by showing (showering his love towards me :)

Im getting myself back !

I started to enjoy my new career : Housewife. Now, whenever people ask what are you doing for living ?
I'll proudly say : Im a Housewife, I take care of my family & my house.
and i realise how much i enjoy making Fadd's belly grow & making him happy is my ultimate goal now.

Kinda happy kickstart for my next journey ( i hope )
till my next writing ( which i can't promise when ..LOL ) 

~ Shakira Sulong ~


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